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Dec, 02, 2016
Edible Columbus
Tasting Shapes
written by Marcia Smilack


Jul, 07, 2016
New York Magazine
Why Do So Many Artists Have Synesthesia?
written by Jacoba Urist


Jun, 27, 2016
Martha's Vineyard Arts and Ideas Magazine
I Hear With My Eyes And See With My Ears
written by Marcia Smilack


Jun, 29, 2014
Columbus Dispatch
Photographer's work influenced by her rare powers of perception
written by Jackie Mantey


Jan, 19, 2013
Épistémocritique, Volume 11, Automne 2012. Neurosciences, arts et littérature
The Language of Synesthesia
written by Marcia Smilack


Nov, 01, 2008
Leonardo On-Line Reviews
Synesthesia: Art and the Mind
written by Amy Ione


Sep, 30, 2008
Vineyard Gazette
Hockney, Van Gogh, Meet Marcia Smilack
written by Holly Nadler


Aug, 30, 2008
Julliard Journal
The Making of an Art Exhibition: A Curator's View
written by Greta Berman


May, 26, 2007
Weekend America (Radio)
A Different Sense of Things
written by Kara Oehler & Ann Heppermann


Mar, 07, 2007
Hearing Beautiful Paintings: A Reflectionist Informs
written by Zach Lynch


Feb, 18, 2007
The Tampa Tribune
Picture A World Where Senses Colllide
written by Michael Winter


Jan, 16, 2007
Connecticut Post
The Sound of Photos
written by Brandie Jefferson


Dec, 13, 2006
Seed Magazine
The Most Beautiful Painting You've Ever Heard
written by Virginia Hughes


Sep, 29, 2006
Vineyard Gazette
Reflectionist Marcia Smilack Pictures the Sounds of the Sea
written by Rachel Nava Rohr


May, 01, 2006
Vineyard Style Magazine
Wonderous Water Works The Mindful Music of Marcia Smilack
written by John Budris


Dec, 13, 2003
Daily Camera, Boulder
Seeing Red
written by Lisa Marshall