Sensory Substitution: Texture & Sound

My initial synesthetic response to this image is one of texture, though I also hear the sound of chimes. It depends on where I focus my eyes. For example, if I focus my eyes on the filament-like edges of the shapes in the top row, I instantly feel texture against my skin. But if I shift my attention to their color and arrangement, texture disappears and sound surfaces, as if texture and sound have traded places in respective layers of consciousness.

The sound occurs in this order: first, I hear the fifth shape (yellow) in the top row. Next, I hear the yellow shape next to it, on its right (sixth in row), slightly diminished. Then, the sound begins to travel right to left, as the four white shapes -- along with the less defined ones in the rows below -- pick up and repeat the original yellow sound until the shapes, and so the sound, are gone. It is a sequence typical of what I hear when a rectangular metal chime is hit with a hammer.