Shape of Sound

I hear with my eyes. I always have. I receive a visual image for every sound I hear -- voices, ambient sound, appliances, music -- anything and everything I hear I also see in the form of imagery inside my mind. I find it difficult to talk about the color of sound without talking about the shape. The color and shape are extremely well-integrated but on occasion shape dominates as with this image.

In "Vibrato Bridge" above, it is the shape of the bridge that elicits the vibrato; indeed, the bridge IS a vibrato. The colors I hear with this image are not specific to a particular instrument but the sound is definitely in the lower range or register that is typical of brown. When I look at this image now I feel myself draped in light brown silk lingerie trimmed in black lace. For more on how I see this image, visit my Blog. For more images in the category of the shape of sound, browse the Color of Music Gallery.